Tight Access Excavations

Tight Access Excavations

All construction sites aren’t easily accessible. Some projects that need excavation and digging can be in a smaller area like a garden. Whatever construction needs you have, Lethal Excavations offers a range of equipment to help. We have a large collection of equipment and services.

Our range of equipment can be of assistance with your tight access excavations since it includes diggers and excavators that can reach the areas that are difficult to access and excavate. Our equipment and services play a vital role in your remodeling and construction projects.

Guaranteed Top Notch Service for Tricky Spaces

Excavating small space can be a tricky job as you cannot use deep excavators. For such an area, a compact excavator is the perfect equipment for your project. If you feel that you could handle all this equipment, then think again. These are quite dangerous.

We offer a series of professional mini excavation services. All of these services are provided by specialists in the area of excavation and digging. Your plans for revamping a tight access space can reach completion, if you hire our equipment and professional services.

We have a variety of services to accommodate your remodeling requirements. Our services offered by compact excavator specialists will ensure that the job will be completed at the earliest, in an efficient manner. This reduces the probability of flaws and delays.

Range of Services That We Offer

Our many years of experience, has helped us become specialist in many areas. Here are some of them:

  • A range of mini diggers, which can help you with pool and trench digging
  • Gain access to tight spaces with our excavators and diggers, which have been designed for this job
  • Narrow gateways; no longer pose any difficulty, as you get to access them easily
  • A thorough site preparation becomes a convenient task
  • Skillful use of compact machinery with focus on safety
  • Leaving the space clean after remodeling, revamping or any other construction project
  • Steps to follow for a Flawless Finish to Revamp/building Projects

    It does not matter how big your project is, we will go in and complete the job in a planned and strategic way. The strategic approach includes the following steps:

  • We start with planning and devising a plan, which is comprehensive. We do this before beginning the excavation or remodeling.
  • We make sure that the plan includes a blueprint of where the underground utilities are laid along with their depth and dimensions, so that none of them are damaged as the project is underway.
  • Finally, we finish off by cleaning the area, where we have worked. So, you need not to worry about spending money on clean-up.

  • We, at Lethal Excavations constantly strive to serve you better. Our services ensure that your project is completed within the stipulated time, with perfection.