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Specialized Tight-Access Trenching and Footing

There are construction and renovation related tasks that may involve complex excavations. And if the excavation is to be done in a confined space, the task becomes more difficult. Hence, engaging a compact excavator for the job would be the right thing to do. It is advisable for you not to try to operate the equipment on your own, unless you have prior training and experience. Instead, you can contract out some well experienced professional Mini Excavation Service providers like us, to complete the job safely and hassle-free.

Trenching and footing is an essential aspect of your building project. As footings transfer structural loads from buildings to earth, this step determines the overall quality and strength of your project. Getting compact excavator specialists will ensure that your job is completed on time, without any flaws or delays.

Exceptional Quality Services On-Time

Over the years, we have undertaken several projects which required excavation in various shapes and sizes. This has allowed us to gain substantial experience in our field, enabling us to:

  • Efficiently use mini diggers for trenching & Footing

  • Effortlessly get into tight access paths or areas

  • Easily access narrow gateways

  • Make thorough site preparation

  • Use compact machinery flawlessly with safety as a priority.

  • Clean up after work completion

  • Professional Excavation Services

    Suppose a need arises where you are required to dig up some dirt in your backyard. Now without a doubt, it is understood that your backyard is a small enclosed area with difficult access, and hiring those big deep excavators for this job would be a big mistake. But for us, this is not a problem at all. We will provide excellent mini excavation services to you that will allow you to dig out the desired area of your backyard, without causing any damage to the surroundings. By choosing us, you can heave a sigh of relief as we take care of everything.

    We Place an Appropriate Solution Against Your Excavation Requirements. We have mini diggers and excavators that effortlessly pass through restricted pathways to reach your site. Although they are small, they provide better terrain movement and stable rotation. Whatever be your building needs, we are equipped to cater to all of them.

    We can provide you with all sorts of assistance in:

  • Laying out electrical trenches

  • Digging out swimming pools

  • Leveling before construction of new gardens

  • So be it a sizeable commercial site or your small backyard; you can rely on us for all sorts of excavation jobs. If you plan to do a mini excavation project and are looking for the best people who can finish up your work, then choose Lethal Excavations.


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