Site Excavation

At Lethal Excavations, we take immense pride in accurately and efficiently carrying out all types of site excavation to give your project the perfect start. With our wide experience and the latest excavation equipment, we can carry out excavations to the highest standards. For all your needs for site cuts in Melbourne, feel free to get in touch with us.

Site Excavation is Not An Easy Job

Excavator is a great equipment that can be used for both excavations and moving heavy objects. An excavator uses a hydraulic mechanism to apply the correct amount of force that is needed to lift or move the object. The task may seem easy to you, but we recommend you not to try this by yourself. This task is not as easy as it seems and only a professional should handle it. You need to get an excavator or a digger for all the work related to site excavation. You will not be able to execute all your heavy lifting properly, without this kind of help. Excavation is a vital part of any construction project. Getting a specialist like us will help you get the work executed in a fast and efficient manner.

Experienced, Qualified Assistance

We have handled a number of projects in the past which are proof of our quality services. We can undertake excavation projects of any type of size and guarantee full attention as well as on-time completion for site cuts in Melbourne.

Our years of practice has helped us obtain knowledge concerning:

• Digging, drilling and boring of trenches, holes, foundations.

• Gaining access to tight areas and confined spaces.

• Lifting and placing of pipes and work that involves such activities.

Fulfilling All Your Requirements

• We have an extensive range of mini excavators that will help you get started with the excavation process quickly and effortlessly.

• When you have to access areas with restricted pathways, our equipment will make the job easier.

• Do not go by the size of our excavators as they are very powerful and efficient when it comes to performance.

• One of the advantages here is that with our machines, you get more stable rotation and better movement on the terrain.

• Our experience has made us experts in excavation, and we are competent enough to cater to all your construction needs.

We offer a range of services that mainly includes:

• Site cuts and excavations

• Digging up for swimming pools

• Levelling your landscape

• Digging small trenches with mini excavators

• Getting through confined ways to reach small areas

Therefore, at Lethal Excavations, we provide bespoke site excavation services in Melbourne as well as tight access excavations. Here, our crew will successfully access even the most difficult to access regions and efficiently excavate it, without damaging any underground utilities. Whether your job is a small one or a construction sized project, we offer quality equipment and top-notch specialists.

Still thinking? Is there something that’s holding you back? Feel free to voice your concerns. Reach us on 0409 114 890. Our professionals would be delighted to address your queries. After all, we believe in serving you better!