Concrete Disposal Melbourne

Concrete Disposal Melbourne

Even for renovations, you might need some excavation work done. Renovations include revamp projects for both your commercial and residential property. We, at Lethal Excavations, can help you dispose of your concrete waste and recycle to eliminate any kind of harm to the environment.

Here are some situations that might need our assistance:
  • Concrete disposal in Melbourne along with concrete recycling.
  • Repair of a gas pipeline under a concrete slab, which would need to be dug up.
  • Levelling the landscape after removing the concrete.

  • From Tricky to Simple Renovations, We have a Solution for All
  • Whether your project is big or small, we will be able to offer top quality services and equipment. Removing the concrete is linked to numerous aspects of a renovation. Some of the aspects include:
        1. Gas Mains
        2. Sewage Pipes
        3. Electric Lines and many more
  • While you decide on the renovations, we can take care of the property, so that it does not sustain any damages. This is a tough job, but we take care of all your renovations.
  • Whether it is simple concrete removal job or a complicated underground concrete removal project, we will be able to get you the services you want.
  • We have experts who are ready to offer strategic plans and layouts that can help reduce the probability of damage to the underground utilities.
  • We offer these services before you start with your concrete removal.
  • The layouts include underground utilities markings along with volume and depth of the concrete that is scheduled to be removed. This actually ensures that the surrounding area does not sustain any damage.
  • Our appropriate equipment can help with future repairs. It will help you keep the repairs to a minimum.
  • We can also help you with excavation and digging equipment, because we have a huge range of great equipment, which includes mini diggers as well.

  • Environmental Friendly Option

    We not only help with concrete removal, but also handle responsible disposal of the concrete. The concrete waste which is generated during a renovation might be substantial, but getting rid of it is a huge task. We make sure that the concrete waste is recycled and you do not have to worry about it. The excess concrete is recycled to be used for future pavement laying projects. As we take care of the concrete waste disposal, you get to relax while saving money and time. Concrete waste is disposed of at disposal sites. Our professionals make sure that you can understand all the aspects of concrete removal and disposal.

    How can we help you with Concrete Removal?

    If you are looking for flawless service that is reliable and top notch, then you have arrived at the right destination. We are always ready to offer a free quote and consultation regarding all your projects along with the concrete removal project.

    Come over to Lethal Excavations, and find the service that you need for your renovations project, from concrete removal to excavations.