Post Hole Digger

Looking for a post hole digger for hire in Melbourne?

At Lethal Excavations, we understand the complexities involved in any excavation project and wish to simplify it for you. With our experience and expertise, we can help you out with all your excavation needs. No matter how simple or complex the project might be, feel free to avail our post hole differ service for an excellent outcome.

Servicing All Around Melbourne

Any work that involves excavation is already complex and if the excavation is to be done in a small space, then the task can be even more complicated. Hence an optimum choice would be to employ compact excavators for the job. The wise thing here would be not to operate the machines on your own instead you can hire some well experienced professional Mini Excavation Service providers like us who will finish the job for you hassle-free.

Well Accustomed for Post Hole Digging

Among many other services such as concrete removal, earth moving, trenching and footings. we at Lethal Excavations provide a post hole digger for hire that includes Handheld post hole borer for holes in stone and hard soil. All our operators are highly skilled digger drivers, but we do more than just digging. We are also the stump hole digger pros, with all the right skills and gear to offer fast and effective stump hole drilling when you need it. We have got the right men and the right machines for all your stump hole digging needs.

There are many reasons you may need post hole borers and stump hole diggers:

• Installation of any decking, piers, fences, billboards.

• Preparation for post hole drilling.

• Holes in the ground for decking or house piers.

• Drill holes for sign post footing and billboards.

• Landscaping

• Tree planting

Our operators are fully qualified and will bring all necessary equipment for the job that will do the work for you. Anything that requires a hole drilled, our experienced operators can drill it for you. Our operators are experts in stump hole and post hole digging.

Main Features of our Digging Equipment:

• Operates in all soil types

• Ideal for narrow access

• Powerful and easy to operate

• Fully portable for rural applications

At Lethal Excavations, we have the solution to all your excavation requirements. We understand that building and excavation projects run under tight budgets and you have strict deadlines to meet. Therefore, our friendly team can help you stay on track. Also, when you hire a digging equipment from us, we also provide a skilled operator to ensure safe, seamless operation.

Why hire post hole and stump hole digging equipment from Lethal Excavations?

• Our Post Hole Digger Hire Rates are all-Inclusive.

• No added extras. We include everything you could need to complete your job.

• Damage Waiver includes reasonable conditions applicable.

• Auger: We include up to 2 different size augers.

• Trailer: A ramped trailer for safe loading and transport.

• Fuel: A tank of fuel is included on the small handheld post hole diggers.

Besides being comprehensive, our quality services are reasonably priced. If you still have queries, then get in touch with us on 0409 114 890.