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We are passionate about digging the dirt away, only we won’t dig a hole in your pocket.!

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Digging Dirt without Digging your Pocket

Be it a simple renovation of your backyard or a new construction project, efficient excavation services are a prerequisite for all such jobs. For a task so crucial, you need to hire excavation experts like us who are well experienced and take great care while doing jobs.

At Lethal Excavations, we are passionate about our work and will dig the dirt without digging a hole in your pocket. Our comprehensive excavation service will ensure that you will have a strong foundation, irrespective of the size of your project.

We understand that construction and renovation projects do not just consist of one single job. They involve a combination of various tasks, which include site cuts, stump hole digging, dirt removal and much more to name a few. These tasks ensure that your site is leveled before laying the foundation.

Site Cleaning and Rubbish Removal

Preparing your site for laying the foundation is an important step. This involves a thorough cleaning of your site, or you may be simply cleaning around and need someone to take care of the rubbish so produced.

Therefore, we also provide services for rubbish removal. Our friendly crew will clear your site of all the rubble & dirt and will also haul it away from your site.

Rubbish removal service includes the removal of clay and dirt material, concrete waste, demolition waste, office fit outs as well as general junk, which might include metal, wood or even the leftover home renovation materials. We also provide bespoke services for asphalt removal, tight access excavations as well as bobcat hire.

We also have compact, custom trucks, which can easily be carried out to tight access sites. We understand the importance of leaving behind your site clean after completing our job.

Site Cutouts - Preparing Your Site for Laying the Foundation

Before laying the foundation, it is necessary to level out your residential or commercial site by removing all the debris. This makes your site ready for laying down slabs and foundation.

At Lethal Excavation, we provide services of site cutouts for preparing your site for laying the foundation. We use robust hole-drilling equipment, which offers a range of positioning configurations and feed lengths. This makes it suitable for a variety of hole drilling jobs.

Apart from being complete and extensive, our services are reasonably priced and reliable. If you have any queries, get in touch with us on 0409 114 890. Our friendly customer service executives would be glad to provide you with a free quote and assistance.

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