Mini Excavators Hire Dandenong

Mini Excavators Hire Dandenong

If you’ve got an awkward digging job in an awkward space, Lethal Excavations have just the right size machinery to get your project moving. Our mini diggers are perfect for properties that have limited access or are small or odd shaped.

Whether you want a trench dug, your land leveled or you’re taking the vital step in the construction of a pool, our mini excavators will tackle the work safely and effectively. We make sure we know where all the under and above ground utilities are located, so there is no risk of dangerous or costly accidents. If you need Mini Excavator Hire in Dandenong, Lethal can arrange a complete excavation service.

Lethal Excavations will:

small excavator services
free clean fill service

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The smallest jobs can often be the most complicated. Lethal Excavations take all the logistics and planning into account before we start a job, meaning we maximise efficiency and minimise disruption. All our diggers have excellent rotation and aerial movement so we can work around whatever obstacles and surprises your land has to offer. For convenient and professional Mini Excavator Hire in Dandenong, we can’t be beaten.


Dandenong, VIC 3175 is located on the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and along the banks of Dandenong Creek. Melbourne Water Wetlands and Dandenong Park form part of a large green belt through the suburb and Eastlink and the Pakenham railway line form two of the borders

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