Mini Excavator Hire

Mini Excavator Hire

We at Lethal Excavations believe in providing the best service for all excavation projects, so even if you have mini excavation project, we will give our best to complete the project in a flawless manner.

A Hole in the Ground, Not in Your Pockets

Construction and Remodeling projects have never been a single job. It is a combination of many tasks. You would need excavation, site cuts, stump hole digger and many more. We can take care of all of your construction needs. With our affordable excavator hire rates in Melbourne, you will be able to get top notch services at the best price.

Our professionals always offer equipment rental services that fit your budget perfectly. Our efficient excavating services ensure that your project is completed with ease. With our equipment, all your tasks will become easier to build a strong foundation and hence a stronger structure.

Tight Access Excavation Projects Made Easy
  • If you need excavation for a project, the job is already a complex one. The project becomes more complicated when you need the work done in a confined space like a garden or backyard.
  • As a mini excavator rental, we can help you complete the project with ease.
  • This kind of excavator will help you reach the toughest areas, which would have been difficult to access for most of the deep excavators.
  • Hiring this kind of excavator for the job guarantees zero damage to the surrounding area or property.
  • Just remember one thing that operating this kind of machinery is a tough job, so it is best to hire professionals or specialist.
  • Our specialists, who deal with such excavations on a daily basis, will be able to help you out.

  • Solution for All Your Excavation Jobs

    Our range of mini excavators will help you get to the excavation site easily, even if you have to pass through restricted pathways. The excavators might seem to be small, but they are just as efficient as the larger ones. The advantage of using mini excavators is that you get more stable rotation and better terrain movement. Our experience has made us specialists in excavation and we are capable enough to cater for all your building needs. The range of services that we offer includes:

  • Laying electrical trenches
  • Digging swimming pools
  • Levelling the landscape
  • Digging trenches with mini excavators
  • Getting through tight areas to reach small areas
  • Whether your job is a small one or a construction site project, we offer quality equipment and top-notch specialists. Deciding to rent equipment from Lethal Excavations will help you relax, while we take care of your construction project.