Mini Digger Hire

Mini Digger Hire Melbourne

We at Lethal Excavations, understand the fact that a thorough digging or excavation service is absolutely necessary for all kinds of construction projects. So, whether it is a construction site, renovations project or even a garden remodeling project, we are ready to help you out.

Comprehensive Digging Services offered by us
  • You can always come to us and get top-notch services for all your digging jobs, including mini digger hire services.
  • The project involves excavation, cleaning as well as levelling the landscape.
  • Our services will help you prepare the land for laying the foundation.
  • Whatever different projects you have, you will be able to get excavation and preparation services. All you need to do is let us know your parameters like size and accessibility.

  • Impressive Solution for All your Excavation Needs

    We offer a wide variety of services, from drilling to mini digger hire in Melbourne. Our solutions are highly economical, trustworthy and efficient at the same time. Big or small, we will be able to handle all kinds of projects. From a huge construction site to a smaller project in your backyard, you will be able to find all the services that you need. Our crew is well equipped and has expertise to handle the toughest situations and reach difficult to access areas. They do all the work and finish it without causing any damage to the surrounding area as well as underground utilities. We have the capability to work with all, homeowners and builders alike. We can also offer solutions to electricians and plumbers. So, if you are looking for impressive solutions for digging, then you are at the right place.

    Committed to Quality
  • Expect to get quality, power, efficiency, comfort and safety, if you decide to employ our services.
  • Power, versatility and productivity are the three words that describe our equipment and services.
  • The diggers are designed to handle all kinds of jobs and not cost you a ton.
  • You also get highest level of operator comfort along with stringent safety measures.
  • We strive to offer you the best, so that we can meet your exact requirements and needs.
  • Our services ensure that your project is completed well within time and you do not lose out on time and money.

  • Why choose our services?

    Over the years, excavation has become our passion. We are committed to offer reliable solution for all. Our equipment is of high quality, so you do not need to feel worried when you rent out our equipment for your project. You set the budget and the time; we will be there to complete your project. Our mini diggers are perfect for confined and small spaces. The customer service that we offer is well known across Melbourne.

    Our professionals will be more than happy to help you out. So, do not waste time and take advantage of the bespoke services that we, at Lethal Excavations, strive to provide.