Construction Excavator

Construction Excavator

Lethal Excavations is your one-stop solution provider, whether you are looking for excavation services at a construction site or your backyard -- so if you need anything in the field of excavations, you will find it here.

Excavation is Not a Walk in the Park

Excavator is basically a construction machine, which can be used for both excavation and moving heavy objects. An excavator uses hydraulic force for lifting earth and other heavy objects for moving. While the task may seem simple and easy, but it is not as easy as it seems.

You need to get a construction excavator for all the work. Without this kind of help, you will not be able to execute all your heavy lifting properly.

Excavation is an essential part of any construction business. Getting an expert will help you gain knowledge for getting the work completed fast and in an efficient way.

Top Notch & Efficient Service

The numerous projects we have completed in the previous years are proof of our top-notch services. We can undertake any amount of excavator work and guarantee 100% concentration on completion of the project at hand. You could easily use it for thorough site preparation. Our years of experience have helped us gain knowledge about:

  • Digging of trenches, holes, foundations
  • Gaining access to tight areas
  • Handling of Material
  • Demolition Jobs
  • General Grading and Landscaping
  • Forestry work
  • Using hydraulic attachments for brush cutting
  • Lifting and placing of pipes
  • Dredging of rivers
  • Mining

  • Professional Handling of the Job
  • Whether it is an excavation job in the backyard or at a construction site, we have all kinds of excavators.
  • A deep excavator will never work in a small enclosed area, for that you will need a compact excavator. We also have that for your help.
  • You can expect professional handling of any kind of excavation job; our excellent excavators will help you get the job done appropriately.
  • We will ensure that the work is completed perfectly with minimal damage to the surroundings.
  • If you choose our services, then you can expect the best. You can have a sigh of relief as we will take care of everything.
  • Our range of excavators also includes mini diggers.
  • These can pass through all spaces, small or big, to reach your digging site in time without any hassle.
  • They might seem small, but do not worry, they are just as effective.

  • A Single Solution

    Whatever building needs you have, we will be able to help you. Here are some of the areas, where we offer our expertise:

  • Earth Digging
  • Excavator for loading trucks
  • Trenching
  • Excavation jobs under water
  • Digging out the swimming pool
  • Laying out electrical trenches
  • Levelling the landscape

  • Just give Lethal Excavations a call, and we will be there to complete your excavation job with perfection.