Concrete Recycling

Leaders In Concrete Removal And Recycling

One of the very primary tasks that you must undertake while preparing to lay down any foundation or construction project is Site Excavation. Hence it is important for you to understand the fact that this job must be done properly and with care. We understand this need and provide expert solutions for it. We, at Lethal Excavations, provide concrete recycling in Melbourne along with concrete removal.

The need for concrete disposal can arise when:
  • You need to dig out your garden or yard to fix up the underground utilities.
  • You want to install boards on the ground.
  • You have a lot of waste material including concrete after construction.

  • Achieving All the Targets Efficiently

    Irrespective of the size or level of your project, we at Lethal Excavations will offer equipment and services that comply with the highest standards in the industry. Our concrete removal services are applicable almost everywhere in the construction process. So while you are busy with finishing the primary job, you can leave the worries of concrete disposal to us. No matter how tough the job is, we can get it done efficiently.
    We also allow you to choose your own time from which you want us to start your work and by which date it should end.

    How can we help you with Concrete Removal?
  • We do a complete analysis of your site before beginning our work.
  • Then we carefully prepare a strategic plan and layout that provides direction to our work.
  • Once the work is done, we efficiently treat all your concrete and use it for pavement building as well.

  • Well Equipped Professional Services

    Our professional and well-experienced experts will provide you with a custom-built, strategic layout for your site. These layouts will help us reduce the possibility of damage to any underground utilities and faults. This will also make sure that there are no damages caused to the surroundings due to the excavation work.

    Apart from this, we also provide the equipment that will facilitate your excavation process. Our equipment is advanced and of top quality.

    Why Choose Us?
  • Our professionals will help you understand what you can do with this leftover concrete.
  • We only dispose of the concrete at an authorized concrete disposal site, contributing to the environment as well.
  • You can relax as we will make sure that the job is done to your satisfaction so that you can focus your energies on other important matters.
  • We help you accomplish the daunting task of concrete disposal and concrete removal.

  • Contact Lethal Excavations and get the service that you need to complete your renovations project safely.