Big Ideas, Small Spaces


Big Ideas, Small Spaces

August 22, 2014

While our imagination for home improvement is limitless, the spaces we have to work in are most definitely not. Getting in and out of tight spots is a speciality of Mini Excavator Hire Melbourne. If you’re planning on adding a new pool to your house in time for summer, levelling your backyard for a new garden or simply need a trench or hole dug, we can take care of the entire excavation operation.

Undertaking such tasks isn’t just a matter of picking up a spade or jumping in a digger. There are numerous logistical and safety considerations. Electricity and gas mains are dangerous hazards and a broken sewage pipe can fill a pool that you definitely don’t want.

The above ground logistics are not always simple either. Some backyards can be hard to access and others may require a cautious approach. There’s no need to dismantle your gate or scratch your house with our mini excavators. Small but powerful, they are perfect to get to those hard to reach places and can be operated in the smallest of backyard spaces.

That’s why all you should have to do is dream up a project. Mini Excavator Hire Melbourne will take care of the rest. We have vast experience planning and implementing projects on difficult sites.

After formulating a plan of attack for all our worksites, Lethal Excavators will mark each hazard and areas where caution needs to be exercised. We’ll then bring a mini excavator to your site, carefully and quickly carry out the work and leave the site spick and span.

The mini excavators themselves are designed especially for tight spaces, without compromising on versatility and practicality. They have excellent rotation capabilities and retain ample aerial movement. This means we’ll do a quality job within the allotted timeframe.

Whatever your backyard aspirations, Lethal Excavations has the machinery and expertise for any subterranean work. Our mini excavator hire Melbourne service can save you time, save your back and save your project. Let us do the hard word and make that dream of yours a reality.